Post-Surf pick me ups

You just had a morning surf session at your favorite surf break and you caught a few good ones but now you need to refuel. A Hawaiian power bar just won’t cut it! (Yup, that was a Spam Musubi reference.) You’re looking for something refreshing, healthy, but most importantly filling. Where do you go? Here are a few places you might want to check out for a good post surf pick-me-up:
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Haleiwa Bowls:

Haleiwa Bowls is located in the heart of the historic Haleiwa Town, Oahu. This infamous, tiny grass shack is known for serving the BEST tasting acai bowls filled with local produce and untouched/unprocessed coconut flakes. It’s then topped off with organic granola and honey. Aren’t feeling an acai bowl? They serve smoothies, cold pressed juices, and kombucha on tap! With options like these, there’s no doubt your body and taste buds will thank you alike. But don’t feel obligated to stop at the shack. Haleiwa Bowls now has a mobile truck! Follow them on social media to find their current location.

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Paia Bowls

Not on Oahu? Head over to Paia Bowls on the North Shore of Maui where they also served locally sourced Acai bowls with fresh toppings. Paia Bowls serves a number of made to order smoothies and has alternating flavored kombucha on tap just like Haleiwa Bowls. What would make this place even better? COFFEE! With cold brews, 100% Maui Roast, and a Paia Bowl House Blend you’re sure to get the kick you need for the rest of your day. Feel free to pick up for on-the-go snacks or eat there.

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For those of you babes who eat with your eyes.. ARVO Cafe is the perfect option for an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable treat. Located in the Kaka’ako District of Hawaii, ARVO serves top quality toast like Vegemite Avo toast, Nutella Toast, Smoked Salmon toast and even has a great Matcha Chia Seed pudding. Their drink menu is amazing with options like Lavender, Matcha, and Chia Lattes, cold brewed coffee, Strawberry Guava Mint Sweet Iced Tea, Hot chocolate, and a variety of hot teas. It’s the perfect place for a mid-day break where you can unwind under an umbrella and socialize with your friends or even have a mommy+ me date with your little dude. Need another reason to go? They serve vegan options and are doubled with a quaint flower shop next door. AHHH! We die for ARVO.

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Jus’ Poke

If you’re visiting your favorite break in California you can’t miss out on a fresh bowl of Poke. Poke options include original, spicy poke, shoyu poke, Hawaiian chili pepper poke, and even a tofu poke (NO Ahi!) among others. Every Poke bowl is served with a side of white/brown rice topped with plenty of Furikake and an extra side of your choice. So whether you like seaweed salad, edamame, pickled cucumber, or chips you’re sure to be satisfied. NOM NOM NOM! Don’t have time to hang out and eat? Call your order in and pick up curbside! (How cool is that?)

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Pink Wave Coffee

After an early morning sesh at Ho’okipa, there’s nothing that refuels us like a morning cup of Joe. When in Hawaii, we prefer a locally sourced, Maui grown cup of coffee from Pink Wave Coffee located at the Ho’okipa lookout. From the 100% Maui roast to the island prints on each cup, you’re sure to get all the Aloha you need from this tiny cup of stimulation. (HOW CUTE ARE THESE KING KAM CUPS!? We live for these.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.47.02 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.47.26 AM

Olive & Oliver

When in Waikiki, one of our favorite places to get a solid, inexpensive cup of coffee is at the Olive & Oliver Coffee Bar located in the Surfjack Hotel. It’s a charming coffee shop attached to a women’s clothing shop (dare we say sip + shop? :P) where you can order cold brews, almond milk lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, espressos,  and teas. They’re known for the best cold brew on the island and the infamous pineapple and monstera leaf printed cups. Snapping a photo is must.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.50.49 AMScreen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.51.31 AM

Kauai Juice Co.

We can’t leave out our favorite local shop located in Kapaa, Kauai. Kauai Juice Co. is known for their fresh cold pressed, glass bottled, organic, locally sourced juices and hand pressed nut milk. They also have fresh Kombucha, teas, coffees, elixers, health shots, and daily food specials such as asian style noodles, quinoa with pesto, etc. We love that Kauai Juice Co. is mindful of sourcing fruits from Local organic farmers and that we can always count of them to provide tasty and nutrient dense juices for a post surf break.

Know of another local shop for a yummy post-surf treat? Tweet us @LOCALKINEKINI .


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