LOCAL KINE KINI: [loh-kuh l] [kahyn] [kee-nee] You read the blogs, you see the Instagram posts, but do you know the girls and the mission behind all the madness?! They’re two sisters by blood and business partners by choice. Opening up their very own store with plenty of local goods has always been a dream of theirs that they never thought would be possible. It all started with an idea … Continue reading All about: LOCAL KINE KINI

Charity Wrap Up: September / October

It has always been very important for Local Kine Kini to give back to their community and those who need it. These past two months they have encountered amazing opportunities in which they could do so, and would love to share their experiences with you in hopes of encouraging you to become passionate about these projects alike. “May the Wave Heal Us All” The Reason: We were given the opportunity to … Continue reading Charity Wrap Up: September / October