Nalu ‘Aio

Another season, another Lookbook! Aside from Ku’u Lei  (our first lookbook ever!) this lookbook is by far our favorite to date. Not only did we get the pleasure to shoot some infamous Acacia Swimwear pieces, but we had an amazing location to work with and an awesome team to shoot. Nalu ‘Aio represents the girl who lives and loves by the sea. She is vulnerable from the … Continue reading Nalu ‘Aio

What’s your Music Motivation this Month?

If there’s one thing we can’t go without in a day (aside from shopping and bikinis) it’s music. Much like coffee it’s exactly what you need on a Monday morning to kick start your day. It’s calming, encouraging, and motivational. Wouldn’t you know it?  We have a few fav playlists up our sleeves every month. The bikini beach bum life isn’t just about the bikini … Continue reading What’s your Music Motivation this Month?

A girls best friend (ACACIA SWIMWEAR)

If you’re a bikini junky like us and you haven’t heard about Acacia Swimwear, where exactly have you been?! On our list of favorites, Acacia is right at the TOP with one-of-a kind designs and tons of Hawaiian style. From the prints to the fit, these itty bitty babies are sure to become your go-to bikinis. We have pictures to prove it… Ugh! This bodysuit takes us … Continue reading A girls best friend (ACACIA SWIMWEAR)